Memory backend (for testing) for the fxa-auth-db-server
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Firefox Accounts DB Server, Memory Backend

Memory backend (used in testing) for the fxa-auth-db-server.


  • node 0.10.x or higher
  • npm


No configuration is usually needed for this module, but you may overwrite values should you need to. If you then set your NODE_ENV, then the file config/$NODE_ENV.json will be read in as part of loading configuration:

export NODE_ENV=dev

In config/config.js you can see a set of defaults for various config options. Go take a look and then create a new local file called config/dev.js. This will contain a set of values to override the defaults. For example, if want to run on port 8080 instead of port 8000, try this:

  "port": 8080

The same config is used by the main server as shown below.

Starting the Server

Once the database has been created and patched, you can start the server (keep the same NODE_ENV as you had earlier):

npm start

Once this has started up, it will be listening on locahost:8000 (or whatever port you have configured in your local config file).


MPL 2.0