A Mail ISP Database used by Thunderbird and others!
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experimental django front-end to figure out workflow of ISP database info for the Thunderbird autoconfig database


You can install all of the dependencies with:

pip install -r requirements.txt

Note: You may have to do an "easy_install pip" first. See requirements.txt for details on what we depend on.

Getting Started

  1. python ../manage.py syncdb
  2. convert existing XML data to the DB:

    have http://svn.mozilla.org/mozillamessaging.com/sites/autoconfig.mozillamessaging.com/trunk checked out at ../autoconfig_data

    if autoconfig_data is somewhere else, you can set the env't var AUTOCONFIG_DATA to point to it

    echo 'import ispdb.convert;ispdb.convert.main()' | python manage.py shell

  3. python manage.py runserver

  4. then hit http://localhost:8000