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Generalize title customization code for all supported applications #20

whimboo opened this Issue Mar 5, 2012 · 8 comments

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whimboo commented Mar 5, 2012

The code to modify the title bar with the custom title differs between each supported application. We should generalize it so that the methods look like the same but only access different elements to retrieve/set the necessary data.

xabolcs commented Mar 5, 2012

I have a question about that: "supported applications."

Currently only FF and TB is supported by the title customization feature, but some others by NTT.
So I would like to clarify that the context of this issue is mostly browser.js and messenger.js.

whimboo commented Mar 5, 2012

With supported applications I mean any application which is listed in our install.rdf. It shouldn't be that hard to add titlebar customization for those later on.

xabolcs commented Mar 5, 2012

I'm not sure about that.
You could question @tonymec about that. :) There was a little talk on mozillazine on how to support SM by titlebar customization started on the second page.

Of course titlebar customization support for Songbird could be easier than Seamonkey, but I never digged myself into that.
After a short look on songbird.js, it could be covered by this issue. :)

xabolcs commented Mar 6, 2012

Tried out title customization with Songbird.
It doesn't work. I happily file an issue, and provide a patch for that (which should take this issue in account). :)

After filing that issue, this should depend on it, if You want SB covered by this issue.

SM support still needs another issue. Due it's nature.


whimboo commented Mar 8, 2012

Thanks @xabolcs for looking into it and sorry for the late reply, but I'm still out of office and check my mail infrequently. So I would say lets start with Firefox and Thunderbird and apply the implementation to SeaMonkey and Songbird later, whenever they will get the title modification code.

xabolcs commented Mar 9, 2012

One question before implementation. :)
What level of generalization were you thinking?

Because I have an idea, and a wip-patch too about this (not titlebar but pushlog).

whimboo commented Mar 12, 2012

I can't say it right out of my head. But we should check for the entry points like:

  • Getting references to elements which hold necessary information (tabs, ...) or the title bar to set the new title
  • Collecting helpful getters and setters
  • Class definition which should span multiple applications and which would only have to be overridden for the specific elements
xabolcs commented Nov 9, 2012

whimboo wrote:


  • Class definition ...

Would You like to give an examle?

@xabolcs xabolcs referenced this issue in xabolcs/nightlytt Apr 13, 2013
@xabolcs xabolcs Issue #125 - Improve empty variable strings handling
Leave "${Something}" untouched if nightly.variables doesn't have such property,
and let it be "Undefined" if it's a known variable, but currently unavailable.
For example in the "${Changeset}" case, when application.ini doesn't always
contain a "SourceStamp" key.
@whimboo whimboo added the javascript label May 15, 2014
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