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Mozilla Open Badges Backpack

Welcome to the Mozilla Backpack repo! To get started with Open Badges, see the following pages.

If you want to get started issuing badges:

If you're ready to use the Mozilla Backpack tools in your issuing implementation:

If you want to display badges:

General info about badges:

Badge plumbing for all!

For an overview of the OpenBadges project, and to earn your first OBI compliant badge, see

This repo holds the source code for the Mozilla Backpack:, and acts as the pipes that keep the larger badges ecosystem humming. The goal of the code (and the project) is to provide a user-centric backpack that allows badge earners to collect OBI compliant badges from multiple badge issuers. The user then has the option of displaying the badges wherever they like.

Help and Support

  • Post general questions in our Community Google Group and post technical questions in our Dev Google Group.
  • Reach members of the Open Badges team directly on IRC ( on the #badges channel.
  • Email questions directly to and a member of the team will follow-up.
  • Follow or tweet the Open Badges team @OpenBadges.
  • Get involved or submit issues via the GitHub repos - feedback is always appreciated!
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