Open Badge Infrastructure Roadmap

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Q1: Ship OBI v1.0

OBI Github 1.0 Milestone

v1.0 development and release

Badge Validation

  • Publish paper; get consensus on the solution we're working towards

Q2: OBI v1.5 development, Open Badger v1.0 release


  • Define, scope and start development on v1.5
  • Backpack federation planning and development
  • Define Endorsement specification


  • Tools

    • Open Badger v1.0 release
    • Resume Builder development
  • Recruitment

    • Work with targeted job sites or job relevant badge issuers to onramp
    • Hold events with targeted groups of partners
  • Support

    • Develop distributed support system


  • Community platform development and beta release

Foundational Frameworks and Practices

  • Publish badge system design best practices
  • Distribute badge risk analysis and sustainability reports

Mozilla badge system

  • Mozilla-wide badges added in
  • Development of additional levels of webmaker badges and learning content

Q3: OBI v1.5 release


  • v1.5 release
  • Fully federated OBI release
  • Resume builder beta release


  • Tools
    • Resume builder launch
  • Recruitment
    • Launch of big issuer and displayer
  • Support
    • Iterative development of distributed support platform


  • Working with community members to build out the knowledge base

Foundational Frameworks and Practices

  • Initial policy practices in place
  • Community contribution to best practices

Mozilla Badge System

  • Multiple levels of badges and leveling up available for the Webmaker badges
  • Common issuing platform and experience for Mozilla badges
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