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Zilla Slab

A custom family for Mozilla by Typotheque


To quickly grab the generated fonts you can download the latest release. You can also find Zilla Slab hosted on Google Fonts and Mozilla's own CDN to reference in your projects directly. If you would like to generate the fonts from their original source, read on.


virtualenv env
source env/bin/activate

pip install -r requirements.txt

Dependencies to generate webfonts

  • ttfautohint
  • sfnt2woff
  • woff2

Install on MacOS

brew tap bramstein/webfonttools
brew update
brew install ttfautohint
brew install bramstein/webfonttools/sfnt2woff
brew install bramstein/webfonttools/woff2

Install on Linux

Install the dependencies with the respective package manager for your distribution (eg. apt - Debian-based systems, dnf - Red Hat-based systems, etc)

Note : Compiling woff2 from source is fairly easy with no additional dependencies (other than the included submodules - brotli, terryfy, esaxx).

Debian-based systems (aptitude | apt)

apt install ttfautohint woff-tools

Generating fonts

build whilst env virtualenv is active

cd sources