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Social network platform built with modular, pluggable, and configurable components

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= Tentacle: A platform for social websites on Rails

Tentacle is supposed a fairly simple application platform, on which you can build
an application with social features.  These features exist as Engines (look in vendor/plugins)
The engines are intended to be vertical slices of functionality, easily replaceable by the developer.

Some existing engines ported to Tentacle include the popular Beast forum and Signal wiki.

Please note that this software has not yet seen a 0.1 release.

Tentacle is aimed at expert-level Rails developers and is unsupported at this time.

== Known Bugs

Are you kidding me?

OK, here's one: the app only runs in production mode, because we still haven't figured out how to monkey
patch models to work with Rails' plugin reloading.

== Installing Tentacle

    TODO: Automate most of this crap
To install Tentacle, you'll need to first setup your database configuration and application structure:

    cp config/database.sample.yml config/database.yml
    mkdir log 
    rake tmp:create
    rake db:schema:load
    rake db:migrate:all

To install a plugin, you'll need to do the following:

    script/tentacle install plugin_source
    rake db:migrate:plugin[plugin_name]

To seed some data in, you'll need to do the following:

    rake db:fixtures:load
    script/runner "User.find(1).create_profile :email => ''"
    script/runner "Group.create :name => 'Default'"
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