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dot.emacs: a simple emacs configuration layout

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This is my emacs config meant to be easily synchronised across MacOS and Linux machines.

emacs config

First time set-up

You will want a recent (24+) version of emacs installed:

This configuration relies on emenv, please install it.

Once emenv is set-up you can just clone this directory in your $HOME/.emacs.d:

cd $HOME && git clone .emacs.d

You can then install dependencies by running (within $HOME/.emacs.d):

emenv install

Curating your list of packages

The $HOME/.emacs.d/Emenv file contains the list of dependencies you wish to pull in. You will most likely want to fork this repository and maintain your own list of dependencies, since this it will be dependent on your workflow and personal preference.


Customization may be provided in the $HOME/.emacs.d/customizations directory. Only .el files prefixed with two digits will be interpreted.

Some notable out of the box customizations:

  • Solarized Dark and Light themes switchable with <control>-c t
  • Paredit and cider for great clojure support (improves emacs-lisp too)
  • Lots of editing modes: python/ruby/haskell/coffee/markdown/clojure/json/puppet
  • Inline repl for haskell, clojure and python notebooks
  • ag integration for fast in-project searches
  • gist integration for quick buffer sharing
  • Great git integration thanks to magit

Updating dependencies

Dependencies may be updated by running emenv sync then emenv install.