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A plugin that allows you execute python and get return to BurpSuite.
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A plugin that allows you execute python and get return to BurpSuite.


The reason I wrote this plugin is that, this enables me to use python inside BurpSuite, especially when I have to use RSA to encrypt some plaintext and then send it to the server during pentest.

Using this plugin, as described above, we can write a python script to do the RSA encryption using public key, then directly get the encrypted result from within Burp, saving life from tons of copying and pasteing between console and Burp.


  • change to use class instead of pure function, so that we can init webdriver+selenium when loading without init it per call
  • added auto burpy call to do something for the whole body


  1. install PyRO, version 4 is used.
  2. configure python and pyro settings
  3. configure the python file you wanna run
  4. use spawn to test the result
  5. use Burpy Call context memu to invoke your script

the python script sample

The following example is a base64 encode function

# the Burpy will call Burpy.main method, so make sure to return strings for this method, it's just that simple
class Burpy:
    def main(self,args):
        from base64 import b64encode
        return b64encode(args)


the great Brida


  • Good ideas and contributions are welcomed.
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