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This project consists of one Groovy script (GetBooks.groovy) that is used to download books from the BARD service.

The script will download all the books going N number of days back and optionally filter the result to only books for a certain day. The script will then attempt a login using the supplied user name and password. The script will then download each book in the filtered book number result.


  • Java must be installed and on the system path.

  • Groovy must be instaleld and on the system path. See Groovy - Installing Groovy. The script was tested with version 1.8.6 but any recent version shoudl be fine.


The script can be run by typing the following command in a command window (you must be in the directory containing the script):

groovy GetBooks.groovy daysBack username password [date in format MM-dd-yyyy]
  • daysBack is an integer specifying the number of days back to use in the query
  • username is the BARD username
  • password is the BARD password
  • date is the, optional, date to use to filter the results Example: 2-17-2012

An alternative on Unix/Linux is to use the bash script. This script will prompt for the 4 parameters and then call the GetBooks.groovy script.


The script will create one ZIP file in the current directory for each book. The name of the file will be the book's title number. Example: War and

Known Issues

Please see ( for Issue list.