The Peepopen vim plugin, added here to make it easier to add using git when building Macvim
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This isn't my plugin per se - I use Janus flavoured MacVim and PeepOpen together, and whenever I'd rebuild Vim, I'd always have to remember after upgrading to open Peepopen independently of Vim, and then hit 'install MacVim Plugin'.

When I found out that all Peepopen was doing was putting a plugin in .vim/plugins, the simplest thing to do seems to be create a repo somewhere, and pull in the Peepopen Plugin when running an upgrade, or building it.

How to use this

Add the following line to your janus Rakefile, and it should be pulled in when building Vim's plugins:

	vim_plugin_task "peepopen",         "git://"

And PeepOpen should be available to you without having to explicitly click 'install plugin any more'