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JSON Model format 3 (Soon to be deprecated)
JSON Geometry format 4
JSON Texture format 4
JSON Material format 4
JSON Object/Scene format 4

What are the major features in Three.js?
How to contribute to Three.js?
A Contributor's Guide to the Git Galaxy

Which import format / exporter should I use?
How to use Blender export script?
How to use OBJ converter script?
How to update things with WebGLRenderer?

How to run things locally?
How to use OpenGL or ANGLE rendering on Windows?

Why do examples use requestAnimationFrame?
Why are there meta viewport tags in examples?
How to change color of Fog?
Are there tools to help me build a scene in Three.js?
How Matrices work in Three.js
How to preserve scene scale when resizing window?
Which default attributes / uniforms / varyings are available in custom shaders?
Why is part of my object invisible?

Getting Started
Drawing lines
Using Matrices and Object3D
Using SketchUp Models
build.py, or how to generate a compressed Three.js file
Text in Three.js
Using three.js in C# with SharpKit
Testing with npm

Uniforms types

On the nets…

Three.js Examples
Examples created by Yomotsu using THREE.js

WebGL Camp 3, AlteredQualia Presentation
Introduction to Three.js by Ilmari Heikkinen
WebGL and Three.js by Akihiro Oyamada

Fast HTML5 game development using three.js by BKcore
Trigger Rally by jareiko

threejs-typescript-gulp-jspm-seed by digital synapse
Animated selective glow in Three.js by BKcore
Max to Three.js workflow tips and tricks by BKcore
On the twelfth day of Xmas, take a whirlwind look at Three.js by Paul King
Getting Started with Three.js by Paul Lewis
An Introduction to Shaders – Part 1 by Paul Lewis
An Introduction to Shaders – Part 2 by Paul Lewis
Creating Particles with Three.js by Paul Lewis
Polygonal chains with collision detection, includes a short Three.js tutorial by Olivier Boes

More Documentation
Walking Map
Three.js doc – extensive links to source code & where used in examples
THREE.JS API Reference – with realtime search

News & Updates
Learning WebGL Blog – The authoritaive and elegant news source for WebGL
Three.js on Google+ – frequent posts on Three.js
Subreddit for Three.js – updated almost daily with the latest demos built with Three.js
Subreddit for WebGL – frequently updated
webgl.com – about half the posts relate to Three.js

Three.js Inspector
ThreeBuilds – provides debug and historical versions of Three.js
modulite-threejs – allows use of Three.js without having to compile all of its files into a single mega file
physgl.org – Javascript front-end with wrappers to Three.js, to bring WebGL
graphics to students learning physics and math.
Whitestorm.js – A wrapper around Three.js and custom physi.js.

Tutorials & Courses
Interactive 3D Graphics – Free course on Udacity that teaches the fundamentals of 3D Graphics, and uses Three.js as it coding tool.
Building A Physics Simulation Environment – Three.js tutorial in Japanese
Einstieg in WebGL mit three.js – Three.js tutorial in German
Learning Three.js – blog where each post is dedicated to teaching an aspect of Three.js