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PinDroid is an Android client app for the Pinboard social bookmarking service. PinDroid is a port of DeliciousDroid.


PinDroid is in the Play Store.


  • Background sync for bookmarks
  • Bookmarks are cached to allow offline viewing and to reduce network traffic
  • Accounts managed through Android's built-in account manager
  • Multiple accounts supported
  • Add, view, edit, and delete bookmarks
  • Bookmark titles, tags, and notes are searchable from both the global search and from within the app
  • Home screen widget for quick access to several activities
  • Code is licensed under the GPL v3


  • English
  • Finnish
  • Spanish
  • German
  • Korean

Note: Requires Android 4.x+ (API Level 14+).

Known Issues

These are some of the known issues in the current build of PinDroid. Feel free to open an issue if you encounter a bug/issue not listed here, or have an idea for an enhancement.

  • Certain features from DeliciousDroid have not been ported yet due to limitations in Pinboard's API, including contact syncing and viewing network bookmark lists.
  • HTC Sense 4+ (Jelly Bean) devices have a bug that causes them to only display one share target per app in the stock HTC apps (Internet, Messages, etc). As a workaround, there is a standalone app to add the share target and forward it to the main PinDroid app. Note that the main PinDroid app must be installed for this to work.
  • PinDroid can be moved to an sd card, however this will cause you to have to re-login every time you reboot your device. Doing this may also cause widgets to not work in some cases.


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