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This project is no longer actively maintained. I recommend checking out the official Nextcloud Polls app.

Dudle Polls for Nextcloud

Dudle is a self-hosted online poll system developed by Benjamin Kellermann and many other contributers. This fork integrates Dudle as an app into Nextcloud. I also stripped it down considerably to reduce the required dependencies and simplify running it on shared hosting platforms. Many features such as version control and customization are gone.

You install the Dudle app within Nextcloud by cloning this repository into a new directory apps/dudle within your Nextcloud installation. Make sure to rename the folder resulting from the clone from nextcloud-dudle to just dudle. The mod_cgi Apache module and ruby with ruby-gettext are required. You can then enable the Dudle app in the Nextcloud app selection dialog.

Note that currently, access control is not available. Everyone accessing the Nextcloud app has full permissions to create and delete polls.

This work is licensed under the GNU AGPL v3 or higher.