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The EmbededLocoNet Library provides functions that manage the sending and receiving of LocoNet packets.

As bytes are received from the LocoNet by an interrupt driven handler, they are stored in a circular buffer and after a valid packet has been received it can be read out.

When packets are sent successfully, they are also appended to the Receive circular buffer so they can be handled in the same manner as if they had been received from another device.

Statistics are maintained for both the transmission and reception of packets. Any invalid packets that are received are discarded and the stats are updated approproately.

This library uses TIMER1 & ICP (UNO) and/or TIMER5 and ICP5 (MEGA) resources and associated interrupt handler hooks.

Currently the library only supports the AVR mega and tiny range that have an Input Capture Unit (ICP) associated with a 16-Bit Timer/Counter.

It's known to work with:

  • UNO (ATmega328)
  • MEGA (ATmega2560)
  • Leonardo, LeoStick, Arduino Pro Micro (ATmega32U4)
  • Various AVRTiny Boards (ATTiny84, ATTiny84A, ATTiny841)

As of 2020-03-28 - Hans Tanner added the capability to change the polarity of the Rx and Tx electrical signal (depending on your circuitry) in the utility/ln_config.h file. The is controlled using the two #defines LN_SW_UART_RX_INVERTED and LN_SW_UART_TX_INVERTED


Some of the message formats used in this code are Copyright Digitrax, Inc. and/or Elektronik GmbH and are used with permission as part of the MRRwA project. That permission does not extend to uses in other software products. See the LICENSE file for more information.


An embedded Loconet interface library for Arduino family microcontrollers




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