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Many Tools for Game Asset Creation (Import/Export FBXs, Origin Aligment Tool, Renaming, Low-Poly Art workflow tools, etc.)
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Blender Addon: Asset Creation Toolset


Russian README

Asset Creation Toolset is Many Tools for Game Asset Creation (Batch Import/Export FBXs, Origin Aligment Tool, Renaming, Low-Poly Art workflow tools, etc.) for Blender 2.79 and 2.8.

Download latest version:

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Watch Features Overview (Youtube Playlist)

Origin Align Tool

Aligment Origin Point to:

  • Max/Min point of object for X, Y or Z axis
  • 3D Cursor (Separate Axis)
  • Coordinates (Separate Axis)

Origin Align

Set Origin to Selected (Edit Mode)

Set Origin Point to Selected Element(s)

Origin To Selected

Rename UV

Tool for Batch Renaming UV by Index (example, Lightmap - second uv channel).

Rename UV

Numbering Objects

Delete Blender's default numbering and add new numbering by Axis and with pattern:

  • xxx_1, xxx_10, xxx_100
  • xxx_01, xxx_10, xxx_100
  • xxx_001, xxx_010, xxx_100

Numbering Objects

Clear Custom Normals

Clear Custom Normals and set Autosmooth to 180 degrees for Selected Objects.

Clear Custom Normals

Flip/Calculate Normals

Flip or Recalculate Normals for Selected Objects in Object Mode.

Flip Calculate Normals

Export FBX to Unity/UE4

Batch Export Selected Objects for Unity or UE4 (Fix Scale and Rotation). Available some modes:

  • Export All Selected Object into One FBX
  • Export Each Object into Individual FBX
  • Batch Objects by Parent
  • Batch Objects by Collection

Export FBXs

Import FBXs/OBJs

Batch Import FBX and OBJ files with default parameters.

Import FBXs OBJs

Create Palette Texture

Create Palette Texture (32x32px) for Selected Objects painted with colored materials. In one palette texture can be up to 256 colors (materials). Note: for Blender 2.79 uses Blender Render, for Blender 2.8 uses Cycles Render

Create Palette Texture

Clear UV Maps/Clear Vertex Color

Just remove all UV Maps or all Vertex Colors from selected objects.

Clear UV Maps

Obj Name -> Mesh Name

Copy Object Name to Mesh(Data-Block) Name.

Copy Name

UV Mover (UV Image Editor)

Tool for easier Atlas Packing.

UV Mover

Material -> Viewport Color

Transfer Material Base Color to Viewport Color for Solid View Mode.

Material To Viewport

Delete Unused Materials

Delete from selected objects unused materials (not applyed to faces) and unused material slots.

Delete Unused Materials

Add .L or .R suffix to Bones

Quick add suffix .L or .R to Selected Bones.

Suffix Bones

Merge Bones Tool

Tool For Easy Simplifying Armature: Delete (or Dissolve) Selected Bones (Exclude Active) and Transfer Vertex Weights to Active Bone.

Merge Bones

Active Material -> Selected

Assign active material to selected faces in MultiEdit Mode.

Active Material To Selected

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