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src/Data remove a redundant constraint Oct 2, 2016
test add UseGHCTypeLits flag to switch to use GHC's type-level natural num… May 28, 2016
.gitignore add stack.yaml Oct 2, 2016
.travis.yml travis: update build matrix Jul 16, 2018
CHANGELOG.markdown remove dependency on algebra package, since it is outdated and not co… May 22, 2014
COPYING fix copyright notice Apr 29, 2013
Setup.lhs add Setup.lhs Apr 30, 2013
finite-field.cabal update tested-with information Jul 16, 2018
stack-ghc-8.6.yaml add stack-ghc-8.6.yaml Sep 30, 2018
stack.yaml stack: update to lts-12.0 Jul 16, 2018


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