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A utility to create cards in a reading board in Trello out of new items saved to Pocket, customized for personal reblogging workflow
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A utility to create cards in a reading board in Trello out of new items saved to Pocket

About this Fork

I forked the original version from OrBin/Pocket-To-Trello to adapt it for my own workflow for reblogging interesting items:

  • I use a specific tag reblog in Pocket,
  • I want Pocket-To-Trello to copy those items to Trello,
  • After an item is copied it is archived in Pocket (so be careful when testing this version, as it will modify your Pocket list).

Other small changes:

  • Copy Pocket's tags as Trello labels,
  • Copy an item's first image (as used in Pocket) to the Trello card,
  • Do not add the Pocket URL as attachment.


Installing requirements

pip install -r requirements.txt

Get Pocket consumer key

Create a new Pocket app with "Retrieve" permission and save the generated consumer key for later use.

Get Trello API key

Visit here to get your Trello API key and save it for later use.

Creating a configuration file

A configuration file config.json should be placed in the same directory as the code files.

Here is an example of how the initial configuration file should look:

  "authentication": {
    "pocket_consumer_key": "YOUR-POCKET-CONSUMER-KEY",
    "trello_api_key": "YOUR-TRELLO-API-KEY",
  "pocket_last_checked": 0,
  "trello_list_id": "YOUR-TRELLO-LIST-ID"

Authorizing with Pocket and Trello (Should be done only once)

Authorize with Pocket:


Authorize with Trello:




(Optional) Add to cron

You can create a cron job with the following configuration to run the app every 10 minutes:

*/10 * * * * python /path/to/repository/Pocket-To-Trello/

External packages

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