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A ruby library for playing with After The Deadline service.
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After The Deadline - Ruby Library

Ruby library for working with After The Deadline service. See for the API documentation.


Add this line to your application's Gemfile:

gem 'after_the_deadline'

And then execute:

$ bundle

Or install it yourself as:

$ gem install after_the_deadline

Standard Usage

require 'after_the_deadline'
AfterTheDeadline(nil, nil) # no custom dictionary, accept all error types

No Errors

AfterTheDeadline.check 'this text is clean.'
=> []

Error: Missing Apostrophe

AfterTheDeadline.check 'this text isnt clean.'
=> [#<AfterTheDeadline::Error:0x101614e80 @url=nil, @description="Missing apostrophe", @string="isnt", @suggestions=["isn't"], @type="grammar", @precontext="text">]

Error: Passive Voice

errors = AfterTheDeadline.check 'this text should be written in a passive voice.'
=> [#<AfterTheDeadline::Error:0x1015c1960 @url="", @description="Passive voice", @string="should be", @suggestions=[], @type="grammar", @precontext="text">]

Information on the Passive Voice Error
=> "<h3>Revise <em>should be</em> with active voice</h3>\n\n<p>Active voice makes it clear who is doing what.  In an active sentence, the person that is acting is the subject.  Passive sentences obscure or omit the sentence \nsubject.<br><br>Use passive voice when the sentence object is more important than the subject.  The active voice is generally easier to read.\n<br>\n<br><b>Examples</b> (<i><b>subject</b></i>, <u>object</u>)\n<br>\n<br>Before: <u>Our results</u> will be discussed.\n<br>After: <i><b>We</b></i> will discuss <u>our results</u>.\n<br>\n<br>Before: <i><b>Wolverine</b></i> was made to be a <u>weapon</u>.\n<br>After: <i><b>The government</b></i> made <u>Wolverine</u>. <i><b>Wolverine</b></i> is a <u>weapon</u>. </p>"


AfterTheDeadline.metrics 'this text should be written in a passive voice. another sentence is used to get more data in the metrics.'
=> #<AfterTheDeadline::Metrics:0x10159d4e8 @stats={"words"=>"20", "sentences"=>"1"}, @grammer={}, @spell={}, @style={"passive voice"=>"2"}>

Ignoring Specific Types of Errors

require 'after_the_deadline'
AfterTheDeadline(nil, ['Passive voice'])

Skip the Passive Voice Error

errors = AfterTheDeadline.check 'this text should be written in a passive voice.'
=> []

Using a Custom Dictionary

require 'after_the_deadline'
AfterTheDeadline(['Sepcot']) # or AfterTheDeadline('path/to/filename')
AfterTheDeadline.check "My last name, Sepcot, is very unique."
=> []


After the deadline service provides 5 languages:

  • English (en, default)
  • French (fr)
  • German (de)
  • Spanish (es)
  • Portuguese (pt)

If no language is set English is choosen by default. To set another language simply set it:

AfterTheDeadline.set_language('de') # possible values en, fr, de, es, pt


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