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A light utility for generating quizzes

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QuizGen.MusicTheoryPractice.Net is a Free as in Coffee utility. Our intent is to make a useful tool for music and music theory teachers to be able to quickly generate printable quizzes for their students.

Check out our full range of quiz types in the menu or on Generate New Quiz.

Free as in Coffee

That is, completely free to use. I'm not going to say "no" to some coffee money, though.

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Dependencies/Thank you's

This project would not have been possible without these awesome open source or free projects and libraries.

Project/Library License Version in use Used
JQuery{:target="_blank"} MIT License{:target="_blank"} 1.12.4 General JS tooling
VexFlow{:target="_blank"} MIT License{:target="_blank"} 1.2.89 Generating Staphs and notes
Teoria{:target="_blank"} MIT License{:target="_blank"} 2.2.0 Generation of intervals, scales, etc to then hand to VexFlow
W3CSS{:target="_blank"} No License{:target="_blank"} 4.13 General styling and layout
FontAwesome{:target="_blank"} Free Teer{:target="_blank"} dynamic Icons