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small python bot to monitor / query a gameserver via discord
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small python bot to monitor / query a gameserver via discord

Discord Bots

invite the hosted bot


setup via docker

for setting up your own instance you may want to follow these instructions for setting up the bot via docker


prefix syntax example description
!nick !nick {somenick} !nick querybot sets the nickname of the bot
!servers !servers !servers print all available servers (tags)
!status !status {tag} !status mysrv prints the current server status (@formatting: status)
!status {tag} all !status mysrv all print all information about this gameserver
!print !print {tag} !print mysrv prints the current config of "mysrv"
!monitoring !monitoring {tag} {true/false} !monitoring mysrv true enables / disables the monitoring of this server stauts, changes will be reported to the channel this command was executed in
!format !format {type} {status} {format} !format status online servername: {server_name} further details below
!addserver !addserver {tag} [game] {ip} {port} !addserver myark arkse 27016 add a gameserver
!delserver !delserver {tag} !delserver myark deletes a gameserver


general information

the message formatting differs between monitoring/status and online/offline for setting the message format for monitoring + offline (server status changes from online to offline while monitoring is enabled) you can use a command like that:

!format monitoring offline general Oh my god, the gameserver {tag} is offline!

this would set the general monitoring formatting to the message defined. but you can also define specific formats for some games (because it may provides more information or something like that). for that you just need to replace "general" by the game you want. for example:

!format monitoring offline arkse Oh my god, the ark-gameserver {tag} is offline!


there are a few variables possible. most of them are related to the query result. for getting available variables just use the command "!status all" command. this should result in something like that:

server_name = my fancy gameserver
map = de_dust2

you can just use the key as formatting variable. for example:

!format status online csgo The csgo named {server_name} is up and running on {map}!

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