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Avoid quoting environment variable values.

The HOME environment variable needs to be unquoted as when it is used
the quotes are added by the caller (eg: "%HOME%\NUL") and this can expand
to double quoted mayhem (eg: ""c:\documents and settings\user"\NUL") which
causes trouble in later scripts.

Signed-off-by: Pat Thoyts <>
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1 parent daafc61 commit 83e164cb9accc0e88819f44c07737a72db199fe8 @patthoyts patthoyts committed Sep 13, 2010
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@@ -6,8 +6,8 @@
@for /F "delims=" %%I in ("%~dp0") do @set git_install_root=%%~fI
@set PATH=%git_install_root%\bin;%git_install_root%\mingw\bin;%git_install_root%\cmd;%PATH%
-@if not exist "%HOME%" @set HOME="%HOMEDRIVE%%HOMEPATH%"
-@if not exist "%HOME%" @set HOME="%USERPROFILE%"
+@if not exist "%HOME%" @set HOME=%HOMEDRIVE%%HOMEPATH%
+@if not exist "%HOME%" @set HOME=%USERPROFILE%

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