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Git-based collaborative project management.


Task is a project management tool run from the command line. It allows team members to create and assign tasks. The data is saved as a text file that can be pushed to any git server.


The TaskApp.exe can be found in the bin/ folder. Opening this directly will make it search for the .task directory in a sibling folder of path "..\.task". The task.cmd file in the top level will call the TaskApp.exe with an argument of --top-root, which notifies the app to search for the .task directory in the top level path ".task".


  • De Anza CIS 22C: Fall 2016
  • Professor Manish Goel

Team 一 (one)

  • Adrian Marroquin
  • Matthew Tso
  • Xin He
  • Jinzhu Shen


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