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zyupo commented May 12, 2020

Spug运维平台在过去的公司里稳定运行3年以上,开源的大部分代码也是基于稳定版本之上,为了增加更多用户在企业使用的信心,如您愿意,请将您在企业中使用Spug的案例展示给我们,请在该issue页面提供您的使用案例,提交格式:企业名称 + 公司官网地址。官网地址为可选项,您可以直接提供企业名称即可。




zx8 commented Oct 2, 2020

Or a new flag should be introduced (e.g. task --names) to just output the names of available tasks, with no descriptions.

Currently, a Taskfile with no descriptions returns:

$ task -l
task: No tasks with description available

While the solution is fairly intuitive (i.e. add a description to every task), the behaviour is surprising. Not to mention it would make the completions

justf0rfun commented Sep 7, 2019

To request an improvement...

Taskwarrior can be used to manage appointments, like meetings, dates etc. by scheduling tasks. Unfortunately dates with scheduled tasks are not highlighted by coloring in the calendar report.

I would like to see dates where tasks has been scheduled to be colored in the calendar report. As far as I can see (I only use them rarely) due dates are already colore

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