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App Academy Curriculum

Coursework for App Academy, taken via a/A Open which is a Remote/Part-time course.

You can find occasional updates & recaps on my blog. Direct links to my work can be found in the sections below.

Started: May 2019

Completed: February 2020

Completed Projects

  • Ghost – a word game
  • Maze Solvers – One recursive sover, and one A* implementation
  • N-Queens – Simple backtracking algorithm to solve N-Queens
  • Sudoku – Playable Sudoku game (CLI), brute force solver
  • Memory Puzzle – Playable Match 2 game (CLI)
  • WordChainer – Given two words of equal length, build a chain of words connecting them
  • Minesweeper – Playable Minesweeper (CLI)
  • Tic Tac Toe AI – AI that can't be beaten at Tic Tac Toe
  • Chess – Playable Chess (CLI)
  • Poker – TDD Poker (CLI)
  • HashMap + LRU Cache – Built required data structures to make a cache
  • URL Shortener + Analytics – Shorten URLs and track visits
  • Polls – Database + Active Record setup for simple Polls App
  • ActiveRecordLite – DIY Active Record that supports belongs_to, has_many, and has_one_through
  • ArtShare API – Simple API for creating, sharing, commenting and liking art
  • 99Cats – Create + rent cats (Ver. 2 & Ver. 3)
  • MusicApp – Manage bands, albums and tracks
  • Goals With Friends – Sign up and create public & private goals
  • App Academy Times – Frontend project where I cloned the NY Times front page
  • Reddit on Rails – Basic reddit clone with posts, subs and commenting
  • Rails Lite – DIY Rails that contains ActionController::Base functionality, routing, session, flash and exception handling
  • Reversi – Playable Reversi (Othello?)
  • Asteroids – Playable Asteroids (Vanilla JS / Canvas)
  • jQuery Tic Tac Toe – jQuery TTT that interacts with a prior TTT JavaScript project
  • Ajax Twitter – jQuery frontend that interfaces with a simple Rails Twitter app
  • jQuery Lite – Vanilla JS recreation of the $() function as $l()
  • Single Page Mail – Simple vanilla JS single page app for checking inbox, outbox and composing messages
  • Minesweeper – Minesweeper in React
  • Todos – Todos App (React/Redux), Ver. 2
  • Giphy Search – Find fun GIFs via Giphy API + React + Redux
  • Pokedex – Pokemon Pokedex built with React, Redux, React Router & Rails
  • BenchBnB – Simple AirBnB clone built with React, Redux, React Router & Rails

Course Work (links to my notes & homework from each section)

The a/A course is split into a few major sections: Ruby, SQL, Rails, JavaScript and React.








Coursework for App Academy, taken via a/A Open which is a Remote/Part-time course.



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