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gitsome is a super simple oh-my-zsh theme, with _some_ git
Latest commit 79384f2 Apr 15, 2013 @mtully mend


I love Oh-My-ZSH. Part of the magic when switching from the default bash shell was playing with all the built themes. However, most of the themes were too noisy for me. I decided to trim the fat and go bare-bones with some git.

Prompt Structure


This super simple prompt with some git:

  1. The current directory
  2. Current git branch name
  3. Git status on the current branch (red/green)

Colors and formatting

Gitsome now uses colors from Ahmet Sülek's awesome terminal color theme Flat Terminal. Red and green are slightly brighter because I prefer my terminal with a little bit of transparency. iTerm settings are included now.

The typeface is Source Code Pro from Adobe, set to 16pt for failing eyes.

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