@muammar muammar released this Dec 23, 2017 · 8 commits to master since this release

  • Improved stability.
  • The macOS bundle is now renamed with capital M, and will not be showing in the dock.
  • Chunk size changed from 1024 to 64. Added two more variables that decreases the delay considerably.
  • Improved ffmpeg commands for pulseaudio part of the code.
  • node streaming updated to work with node v9.3.0.
  • Manpage is now shipped in main branches.
  • TypeError caused by a print statement for Soco devices has been fixed. Closes #80.
  • Added Opus codec support.
  • It is now possible to screencast using Mkchromecast.
  • Using the --youtube flag works with all supported websites by youtube-dl.
  • Correct signal handling using the signal module. PR #87 by @Foxboron.
  • Renamed --reconnect to --hijack. Closes #25.
  • New flag tries to to limit the number of tries to connect to a chromecast. Closes #54.
  • Allow custom server port with ffmpeg or avconv. Related to #122.
  • Error with "width not divisible by 2 (853x480)". Closes issue #119.
  • The segment_time flag has been fixed. Closes issue #71.
  • New flag command for setting a custom ffmpeg command. Closes issue #109.


@muammar muammar released this May 20, 2017 · 105 commits to master since this release

  • node streaming updated to work with node v7.10.0.
  • Added ALSA device configuration in the preferences pane.
  • Improved systray stability, and usability.
  • gstreamer support for capturing audio.
  • Fixed problem related to setting ogg and aac bitrate. Closes #21.
  • A --segment-time option added to modify the segment time when using ffmpeg.
  • A --reconnect option that monitors if mkchromecast has disconnected from google cast, and tries to reconnect. Closes #25.
  • ALSA device can be set from systray.
  • Add support for newer pychromecast versions. Closes #32.
  • Making ping code python 3 compatible. Closes: #35.
  • Fixed problem when having various Google cast devices. Closes: #50
  • Added support to 192000Hz sampling rate support (Closes: #39).
  • Fixed a minimal problem with the size of preferences pane.
  • Video support.
  • node is a supported backend for streaming video.
  • Added Sonos speakers support.
  • FLAC codec supports bitrate.