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Open-Hardware Flight-Controller
Eagle C
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OpenFC is an new Open-Hardware Flight-Controller

Standard-Size: 50x50mm (45x45mm holes)

CPU: STM32F405 @ 168MHZ

Gyro/ACC: MPU6000 (SPI)

Compass: HMC5983 (SPI)

Baro: MS5611 (SPI)

Serial-Ports for GPS, Telemetry and SBUS

8 PWM-ESC-Connectors + CAN-Bus

PPM and SBUS inputs

microSD slot

Autoquad software compatible (Board M4r6) (

Changes v0.9:

* initial Version
* 2 errors in the Layout, but working

Changes v0.91:

* untested
* bugfixes of v0.9
* LED-Postion moved
* SBUS-Inverter added

v0.91 Board-Layout

v0.90 Board-Layout

First IMU-Test:

First Flight-Test:

First Poshold-Test:

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