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Real-Time Editor and Voice Chat.

JavaScript Style Guide Gitter chat Alpha

Compatible with multihack-brackets!

Tired of struggling to set up remote collaboration with your team? Try multihack

Still in active development. Expect instability and constant updates.


  1. Upload your project as a ZIP to, or use multihack-brackets.

  2. Decide on a secret room ID, and have everyone enter it.

  3. VOILA! Your project is now being synchronized in real time!

Collaborate in Real Time

Code is synchronized in real time between everyone on your team.

Integrated Voice Chat

Join a secure group call in one click with WebRTC.

Syntax Highlighting

Syntax highlighting for all web languages is supported. Adding new languages is as easy as adding a CSS file.

Autocompletion for Javscript and CSS!

Export Your Project

Save your project as a ZIP archive and use it in your favourite native IDE.

Run Your Own Instance

To run your own instance, see multihack-server.

Introducting Version 4.0!

  • Multihack now uses a Conflict-Free Replicated Data Type to merge conflicts and ensure everyone is always looking at the same code. Thanks @kifhan for assistance with this!

  • You can now see your team's carets, and the notifications are less instrusive. Thanks to @Worie!