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Mumble for iOS (iPhone, iPod touch and iPad)

Note: This repo and the app for iOS are unmaintained. If you are interested in taking over development of the app, write a comment in #129.

This is the source code of Mumble (a voice chat application) for iOS-based devices.

The desktop version of Mumble runs on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and various other Unix-like systems.

Visit our website at:

Building it

To build this you need Xcode 4 and the latest iOS SDK from Apple.

The easiest way to get a working source tree is to check out the mumble-iphoneos repository recursively (his will recursively fetch all submodules), because there are quite a few submodules.

To fetch the repository:

$ git clone --recursive

Once this is done, you should be able to open up the Xcode project file for Mumble (Mumble.xcodeproj) in the root of the source tree and hit Cmd-B to build!

Extra tips for advanced users

When launching Mumble.xcodeproj for the first time, you're recommended to remove all schemes but the Mumble one. Xcode will automatically populate it with the schemes of all .xcodeprojs in the workspace.

Schemes can be configured using the dropdown box right of the start and stop buttons in the default Xcode 4 UI.

We also recommend you to edit the default scheme for the Mumble target and change the Archive configuration to BetaDist, and the Test configuration to Release (debug builds pretty slow for devices, but for the Simulator, they're OK!)