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Unofficial University of Manchester Beamer Theme

Provides a (very nice looking) Beamer theme that matches the official University of Manchester PowerPoint Style.

"University of Manchester" and associated logos are copyright of the University of Manchester -- please see


A beginner's introduction, and complete install guide may be found here

To use the theme, ensure the following files are copied into somewhere like: ~/texmf/tex/latex/beamer/themes or /usr/share/texmf/...

  • beamercolorthemeUniversityOfManchester.sty
  • beamerfontthemeUniversityOfManchester.sty
  • beamerinnerthemeUniversityOfManchester.sty
  • beamerouterthemeUniversityOfManchester.sty
  • beamerthemeUniversityOfManchester.sty
  • TAB_allwhite.pdf
  • TAB_col_white_background.pdf

Then run texhash as yourself.

Font Installation

If you want to use the Cabin font (see below), you'll either need a recent TeXlive release, or will have to install it from CTAN:

Not for the faint hearted!


Once installed, you can use the theme as:



  • dark
  • darktitle
  • cabin [Replaces the default font with Cabin, much nicer!]
  • framenumber
  • totalframenumber [Only works if framenumber is also set!]
  • titleframestart Sets the number of the title frame (e.g., titleframestart=1 (default is 0)
  • compress [Reduces the logo padding by half, this is a Bad Thing™]

You can also use plain on a slide to hide the logo and gain some extra space.

The following colours are defined for your use:

  • uompurple
  • uomyellow
  • uomgrey


You can use the darkframes environment to make a enclosed frames look like the title slide (e.g. for use for presentations overviews, ask for questions, presenter information.) It is recommended (i.e. you'll get an error otherwise) that you wrap any darkframes environments so that they only appear in presentations.


	% ...

		\frametitle{A Dark Frame}
		% ...

	% ...


A Fun Note

Older versions of Beamer require you to put

	% ...

Instead of the (much nicer) \begin{frame}{...title...} - be aware of this!


Based partially upon, This file may be distributed and/or modified

  1. under the LaTeX Project Public License and/or
  2. under the GNU Public License.


Unofficial University of Manchester Beamer Theme



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