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lazyHandler for jQuery

lazyHandler is a jQuery plugin that gives ability to add event handlers to any DOM elements more efficiently and gives more "onload" performance on web pages that has lots of event bindings.

What is changed?

lazyHandler is familiar with jQuery's standart event binding convention. For example, in standart jQuery you will add an event handler like:

$('.someClass').click(function(event) {
        // Some good stuff

If you want to use lazyHandler for this binding, add 3 chars only:

$.lh('.someClass').click(function(event) {
        // Some good stuff

Also you can use "bind" method:

$.lh('.someClass').bind('click', function(event) {
        // Some good stuff

What about my "live" bindings?

lazyHandler is already handles events like jQuery's live method.

Can I use all events with lazyHandler?

No. You can use only click, dblclick, mouseup, mousedown, keydown, keyup and keypress events with lazyHandler. Only click event has a specific function. You can use others with bind method.

How much it cost?

Build version(Obfuscated with YUI Compressor) is 363 bytes!


A jQuery plugin that provides more performance on click handlers



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