@mutability mutability released this Jan 14, 2015 · 505 commits to master since this release

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You may get prompted about a couple of new/changed config options when upgrading (receiver max range, and JSON refresh interval if you had it set to zero previously).

  • Fix UTC clock display in non-UTC timezones.
  • Layout tweaks in the info panel.
  • Change plane color if we have not seen a recent position update (previously, any type of message was enough).
  • Fix thinko in skipping over decoded message samples in the 2.4MHz demodulator.
  • Fix a couple of problems found by valgrind.
  • Fix several problems with surface position decoding and relative position decoding.
  • Fix hang on exit after SIGINT.
  • Add --max-range parameter. Use it for relative position limits, and to discard bad position results.
  • Display message rate (30 sec average) on the webmap.
  • Restart lighttpd on package upgrade if we changed its config files.
  • Require that the JSON refresh interval is at least 1, as it is used to control the webmap refresh rate even if JSON files are not being written.