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Muun iOS wallet
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This is the source code repository for muun's iOS wallet. Muun is a non-custodial 2-of-2 multisig wallet with a special focus on security and ease of use.


  1. Install golang
  2. Make sure you've set the GOPATH env var correctly
  3. Install gomobile
  4. Install cocoapods
  5. Make sure you have Xcode command line tools installed. You can check this in Xcode > Preferences > Locations > Command Line tools
  6. Run tools/ This will install gomobile and bind libwallet to your GOPATH.
  7. Run cd example && pod install
  8. You're done! Open the workspace file and try building the project.


The app has three layers:

  • Data: handles the data backends, such as the database, the operating system, or the network.
  • Domain: contains the models and business logic (use cases in clean architecture lingo).
  • Presentation: contains the UI code, not included in this repository.
  • libwallet: contains the crypto and bitcoin specific code. It's written in golang and bridged using gomobile.


  • Most of the key handling and transaction crafting operations happen in the libwallet module.
  • All the secure storage and data handling happens in the data layer.
  • All the business logic that decides when to sign what happens in the domain layer.

Responsible Disclosure

Send us an email to report any security related bugs or vulnerabilities at

You can encrypt your email message using our public PGP key.

Public key fingerprint: 1299 28C1 E79F E011 6DA4 C80F 8DB7 FD0F 61E6 ED76

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