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A PyPI server which automatically proxies and mirrors PyPI packages based upon packages requested. It has support for multiple indexes and team based access and also supports the uploading of local (private) packages.

The full documentation is available on Read The Docs

Getting started

When you want to host it on AWS with the Azure AD oauth2 server use:

docker run
-e DATABASE_URL=postgresql://user:password@host/database -e SECRET_KEY=<secret-key-for-django> -e LOCALSHOP_FILE_STORAGE=storages.backends.s3boto.S3BotoStorage -e LOCALSHOP_FILE_BUCKET_NAME=<your-aws-s3-bucket> -e OAUTH2_PROVIDER=azuread-oauth2 -e OAUTH2_APPLICATION_ID=<your-oauth2-app-id> -e OAUTH2_SECRET_KEY=<your-oauth2-secret-key> mvantellingen/localshop

If you want more flexibility you can load your custom settings file by mounting a docker volume and creating a This file will be loaded by localshop at the end of the settings file.

docker run
-e DATABASE_URL=postgresql://user:password@host/database -e SECRET_KEY=<secret-key-for-django> -v $(PWD)/config:/home/localshop/conf/ mvantellingen/localshop