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PK3 Loading Rules

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While JK2MV mostly loads and processes pk3 files just like standard JK2 versions, there are some exceptions to not trigger crashes. You can just ignore this page in case your mod is no code-mod as everything else behaves exactly like it did in standard JK2.

VM's (cgame.qvm, jk2mpgame.qvm and ui.qvm) in pk3's in base are ignored and not loaded if you don't specify which version they work with.

There are two ways to specify the compatibility:

File Prefixes

Supported by: All JK2MV versions

Name your file like that: o102_mymod.pk3 or o104_clientside.pk3. The 'o' in o102_ means "only".
Supported are o102_, o103_ and o104_.

There is also the dl_ prefix which is part of JK2MV's download system. See Downloaded Files for detailed information. File

Supported by: JK2MV 1.2 and newer

Create a file called in the root directory of your pk3 file.
The content of the file should look like that:

compatible 1.02


compatible 1.03


compatible 1.04

or even compatible all (only useful for mods based on the mvsdk)

You can even target 1.03 plus 1.04 and exclude 1.02 by using:

compatible 1.03
compatible 1.04

The compatibility specified in overwrites file prefixes!