Python bindings for the OpenStreetMap Overpass API
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Overpass API python wrapper

Python bindings for the OpenStreetMap Overpass API.

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Install it

pip install overpass


Simplest example:

import overpass
api = overpass.API()
response = api.get('node["name"="Salt Lake City"]')

response will be a dictionary representing the JSON output you would get from the Overpass API directly.

Note that the Overpass query passed to get() should not contain any out or other meta statements.

Another example:

>>> print [(
...     feature['properties']['name'],
...     feature['id']) for feature in response["features"]]
[(u'Salt Lake City', 150935219), (u'Salt Lake City', 585370637)]

You can find more examples in the examples/ directory of this repository.

Response formats

You can set the response type of your query using get()'s responseformat parameter to GeoJSON (geojson, the default), plain JSON (json), CSV (csv), and OSM XML (xml).

response = api.get('node["name"="Salt Lake City"]', responseformat="xml")


The API object takes a few parameters:


The default endpoint is but you can pass in another instance:

api = overpass.API(endpoint=https://overpass.myserver/interpreter)


The default timeout is 25 seconds, but you can set it to whatever you want.

api = overpass.API(timeout=600)


Setting this to True will get you debug output.

Simple queries

In addition to just sending your query and parse the result, overpass provides shortcuts for often used map queries. To use them, just pass them like to normal query to the API.


This is a shorthand for a complete ways and relations query in a bounding box (the 'map call'). You just pass the bounding box to the constructor:

MapQuery = overpass.MapQuery(50.746,7.154,50.748,7.157)
response = api.get(MapQuery)


This is shorthand for getting a set of ways and their child nodes that satisfy certain criteria. Pass the criteria as a Overpass QL stub to the constructor:

WayQuery = overpass.WayQuery('[name="Highway 51"]')
response = api.get(WayQuery)


Using pytest.



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Where did the CLI tool go?

The command line tool was deprecated in version 0.4.0.