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MXUnit core framework
ColdFusion XSLT JavaScript CSS
Latest commit 90df84f @marcesher marcesher Merge pull request #35 from clitnak/JunitXMLResultsWithExceptionMessage
Make JUnit XML results show exception message not just type.
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PluginDemoTests Fixing bug in Query Comparison Equality
ant-common @ 95bb33a ant-common
ant Adding latest mxunit-ant.jar
buildprops 'build auto-commit'
doc changing Assert to enable pass-through of expected and actual for tes…
eclipse more progress on decorators
experimental_ant init
framework Merge pull request #35 from clitnak/JunitXMLResultsWithExceptionMessage
generator init
images rm copyLeft img
lib removing busted jar
resources synching version 2.02 from SVN
runner Made getTests public because why not?
samples fixed typo
tests Fixing bug in Query Comparison Equality
utils ColdFusion MX 7 syntax fixes
.gitignore Nice handling of ignore directories starting with '.'
.gitmodules adding ant-common
MIT-License.txt init
README-toc.xml tweak
README.html tweak README
README.textile Updated README to reflect Github as main repo
README.txt 'build auto-commit'
build.xml 'build auto-commit'
ftp.listing synching @marcesher/SVN version 2.0.3
index.cfm modified index.cfm to use full component path. this has resolved my i…
mxunit-TestCase-Template.cfc init
mxunit-TestSuiteTemplate.cfm init



A test framework for CFML (ColdFusion).

Main website
Docs, etc:
MXUnit Google Group (to get help):

About this repository

This is the main distribution branch, formally located at (Subversion)

We have moved most, if not all, source from Google Code to git hub. So, you should find everything here you need.

Collaborating Guidelines

Patches and improvements are always welcome! Please fork this branch, make your changes (with plenty of passing tests) and make a pull request.

Test and Be Happy!

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