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A deck-building game simulator engine. I'm writing simulators for multiple games of the genre and hoping to extract a general structure customized per game.

First game is Dominion (, the creator of the genre. So far I've implemented the cards of the 2nd edition of the basic game, the Seaside expansion, and parts of Intrigue.

How to get it up and running:

  1. Clone or fork the repository
  2. Install the stack tool (
  3. Change to the root directory for the repository and use stack build.
  4. Once it is built, you can run stack exec -- deckbuilder-exe to try it out.
  5. To run unit tests: stack test.

To create a new playing strategy:

  1. Create the Haskell file in src/DeckBuilding/Strategies/
  2. Implement the functions for the Strategy type, see src/DeckBuilding/Dominion/Types.hs for details.
  3. Try it out/debug it interactively with stack ghci
  4. Change app/Main.hs to use your strategy.
  5. If you do and you like it, submit a PR!

To implement the cards for an expansion:

  1. Create a Haskell file in the src/DeckBuilding/Dominion/Cards directory called ExpansionName.hs.
  2. Implement the cards, see src/DeckBuilding/Dominion/Cards/Base.hs for lots of examples and helper functions.
  3. If you need to make data or algorithm changes, let me know so we can discuss design ideas.
  4. Have your module publish the cards, the list of cards, etc.
  5. Write unit tests.
  6. Submit a PR!


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