This is a dynamic dns updater for a domain one has listed in their Domain Manager on Linode. It updates with the current IP address of the machine this script is executed from.
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This script,, is a python script that automatically updates a subdomain in your Domain Manager on your Linode account with the current IP address. This script was designed to be executed from a cronjob. It can also be executed on it's own and it will update the appropriate settings.

Package requires:

  • python-pycurl
  • python >= 2.6
  • argparse (pip install argparse if python < 2.7)


./ -ak your_api_key -dn -sd foo

This will create a subdomain '' that points to your existing IP address on the machine that it is executed from.

Trouble / Help

1.) If you get the error message, using urllib instead of pycurl, urllib does not verify SSL remote certificates, there is a risk of compromised communication

You'll need to install pycurl.

2.) If you get the error message, api.ApiError: [{u'ERRORCODE': 4, u'ERRORMESSAGE': u'Authentication failed'}]

Double check your API key, as Linode was unable to authenticate your key.


This script is license under the GNU GPL v3.