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This was a project from the [2015 Calgary Geoscience Hackathon] ( organized by [Agile Geoscience] ( You can read more on the hackathon in an Article on the September 2015 issue of the Canadain Society of Exploration Geophysicists journal Recorder: [Open Collaboration: Hackathons and Tomorrow’s Subsurface Software] (

The original idea, proposed by [Elwyn] ( at the Hackathon, was to make an app that would turn an image of geological sketch into a model: flow

The implementation of the finished app involves using morphological filtering and other image processing methods to enhance the sketch image and convert it into a model with discrete bodies, then pass it on to Agile's [] ( to create a synthetic.

Blog posts:

[sketch2model] (

[sketch2model – sketch image enhancements] (

[sketch2model – linking edges with mathematical morphology] (




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