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T-CNN: Tubelets with Convolution Neural Networks


The TCNN framework is a deep learning framework for object detection in videos. This framework was orginally designed for the ImageNet VID chellenge in ILSVRC2015.

Citing T-CNN

If you are using the T-CNN code in you project, please cite the following works.

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T-CNN is released under the MIT License.

ImageNet 2015 VID detection results

Track Validation Set Test Set Rank in ILSVRC2015
Provided 73.8 67.8 #1
Additional 77.0 69.7 #2



  1. caffe with Python layer and pycaffe
  2. GNU Parallel
  3. matutils
  4. FCN tracker
  5. Matlab with python engine


  1. Clone the repository and sub-repositories from GitHub, let $TCNN_ROOT represents the root directory of the repository.

        $ # clone the repository
        $ git clone --recursive
        $ cd $TCNN_ROOT
        $ # checkout the ImageNet 2015 VID branch
        $ git checkout ilsvrc2015vid
  2. Compilation for vdetlib

        $ cd $TCNN_ROOT/vdetlib
        $ make
        $ export PYTHONPATH=$TCNN_ROOT/vdetlib:$PYTHONPATH
  3. Download and install caffe in the External directory

        $ git clone External/caffe
        $ # modify `Makefile.config` and build with Python layer and pycaffe
        $ # detailed instruction, please follow
        $ export PYTHONPATH=$TCNN_ROOT/External/caffe/python:$PYTHONPATH
  4. Download a modified version of FCN Tracker originally developed by Lijun Wang et. al.

        $ git clone --recursive -b T-CNN External/fcn_tracker_matlab
        $ # compile the caffe-fcn_tracking and configure FCNT


  1. Extract the sample data and still-image detection results

        $ cd $TCNN_ROOT
        $ unzip -d data/
  2. Generate optical flow for the videos

        $ mkdir ./data/opt_flow
        $ ls ./data/frames |
            parallel python tools/data_proc/ ./data/frames/{} ./data/opt_flow/{} --merge
  3. Multi-context suppression and motion-guided propagation in Matlab

        >> addpath(genpath('tools/mcs_mgp'));
        >> mcs_mgp('data/opt_flow', 'data/scores', 'data/mcs_mgp')
  4. Tubelet tracking and re-scoring

        $ # generate .vid protocol files
        $ ls data/frames | parallel python vdetlib/tools/ {} $PWD/data/frames/{} data/vids/{}.vid
        $ # tracking from raw detection files
        $ find data/vids -type f -name *.vid | parallel -j1 python tools/tracking/ {} data/mcs_mgp/window_size_7_time_step_1_top_ratio_0.000300_top_bonus_0.400000_optflow/{/.} data/tracks/{/.} --thres 3.15 --max_frames 100 --num 30
        $ # spatial max-pooling
        $ find data/vids -type f | parallel python tools/scoring/ {} data/tracks/{/.} data/mcs_mgp/window_size_7_time_step_1_top_ratio_0.000300_top_bonus_0.400000_optflow/{/.} data/score_proto/window_size_7_time_step_1_top_ratio_0.000300_top_bonus_0.400000_optflow_max_pooling/{/.} --overlap_thres 0.5
  5. Tubelet visualization

        $ python tools/visual/ data/vids/ILSVRC2015_val_00007011.vid data/score_proto/window_size_7_time_step_1_top_ratio_0.000300_top_bonus_0.400000_optflow_max_pooling/ILSVRC2015_val_00007011/ILSVRC2015_val_00007011.airplane.score

Beyond demo

  1. Optical flow extraction

        $ python tools data_proc/ -h
  2. vdetlib for tracking and rescoring

  3. Visualization tools in tools/visual.

Known Issues

  1. Matlab engines may stall after long periods of tracking. Please consider to kill the certain matlab session to continue.

To-do list

  • Tubelet Bayesian classifier