WordPress Rocketeer Configuration
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This is a raw-ass file I used for my private use at WCSTL and still needs some TLC. Opening up for anyone who might be eager enough to use this as a starting point.

Eventually I will circle back and edit the tight coupling specific to what I was working with :)

Things you will need to edit

  • scm.php
  • remote.php(wp_content_director, domain_name, db, permissions specific to your setup)
  • config.php(connections, local)


  • This setup expects WordPress to be installed the /wp directory and all wp-content to be in the /content directory. I used YeoPress to bootstrap my install and set WordPress as a submodule "wp"
  • Be sure to edit the mysql_path in the local config array to match your local setup
  • run commands as root
  • point the config to your local ssh key
  • remember to generate an ssh key on your server and add to your repositories deploy keys so it has access to pull down