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Sorted at it's core is a set of objects that let you sort many different attributes in weird and wonderful ways.


The secret sauce is the Sorted::Set object, in this example we 'toggle' email:

require 'sorted/set'

a =[['email', 'asc'], ['name', 'asc']])
b =[['email', 'asc'], ['phone', 'asc']])

s = a.direction_intersect(b)

s.to_a #=> [['email', 'desc'], ['phone', 'asc'], ['name', 'asc']]

The best way to think about this is to imagine a spreed sheet and what happens when you sort by various columns, Sorted::Set pretty much just does that.


Parsers return a Sorted::Set that can then be used by an encoder:

require 'sorted/uri_query'

set = Sorted::URIQuery.parse('name_asc!email_asc')
Sorted::SQLQuery.encode(set) #=> 'name ASC email ASC'

Currently implemented:

  • Sorted::SQLQuery
  • Sorted::URIQuery
  • Sorted::JSONQuery
  • Sorted::ElasticsearchQuery
  • Sorted::ParamsQuery