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Version 2.6

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@dracos dracos released this 03 May 12:39
· 4532 commits to master since this release
  • Security:
    • Fix XSS vulnerability in admin report edit page.
  • New features:
    • (Optional) auto-suggestion of similar nearby problems,
      while reporting, to discourage duplicate reports. #2386
  • Front end improvements:
    • Track map state in URL to make sharing links easier. #2242
    • Default to unchecked for show name checkbox. #347
  • Email improvements:
    • Header image file name can be customised
  • Admin improvements:
    • Include moderation history in report updates. #2379
    • Allow moderation to potentially change state. #2381
    • Spot moderation conflicts and raise an error. #2384
    • Allow searching for in admin.
    • Make staff JavaScript more self-contained.
    • Alow staff user to be associated with multiple areas.
    • Improvements to admin checkbox display.
  • Bugfixes:
    • Check cached reports do still have photos before being shown. #2374
    • Delete cache photos upon photo moderation. #2374
    • Remove any use of my $x if $foo. #2377
    • Fix saving of inspect form data offline.
    • Add CSRF and time to contact form. #2388
    • Make sure admin metadata dropdown index numbers are updated too. #2369
    • Fix issue with Open311 codes starting with ‘_’. #2391
    • Add parameter to URL when “Show older” clicked. #2397
    • Don't ask for email on alert signup if logged in. #2402
    • Filter out hidden reports from top 5 list. #1957
    • Add space below "map page" contents on narrow screens.
    • Use relative report links where possible. #1995
    • Improve inline checkbox spacing. #2411
    • Prevent duplicate contact history creation with Unicode data.
    • Show all Open311 extra fields in edit admin.
    • Proper bodies check for sending updates.
    • Check better if extra question has values.
    • Stop filter category overriding chosen category.
    • Allow things to reset if "Pick a category" picked.
    • Stop category_change firing more than it should.
    • Fix extra question display when only one category.
    • Fix superusers creating anonymous reports. #2435
    • Ensure non_public reports aren't exposed at /open311 endpoint.
    • Escape body name in admin title.
    • Use REQUEST_URI, not PATH_INFO, to infer path.
  • Development improvements:
    • Make front page cache time configurable.
    • Better working of /fakemapit/ under https.
    • Improve Open311 error output on failing GET requests.
  • Backwards incompatible changes:
    • If you wish the default for the showname checkbox to be checked,
      add sub default_show_name { 1 } to your cobrand file.
    • The admin body and user sections have been refactored – if you have
      custom templates/code, you may need to update links to those.