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A UDF library to create XML output directly from MySQL

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MySQL UDF Repository


The lib_mysqludf_xql library provides an array of functions, which can be used to create XML output directly from MySQL
using a single SQL query. This prevents having to convert a MySQL result to XML in a PHP script, Ruby script, etc. This
improves performance and simplifies your code.

The library provides the same functionality as SQL/XML, seen in MS SQL server and Oracle. However it uses normal functions.
By using subqueries the same results as SQL/XML can be generated.

lib_mysqludf_xql uses the xmlwriter library of libxml2, which is a superfast non-cached, forward-only generator of XML
data. This library automaticly escapes XML entities and dynamicly allocated memory as the XML content grows. 

For information about using this library, please see API


To build:
 make && make install

To then load the functions:
 mysql -u root -p < installdb.sql

To remove the library from your system:
 mysql -u root -p < uninstalldb.sql
 make uninstall
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