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A rust-based hypervisor currently requiring multiboot2 boot (e.g. grub), and VT-x/EPT.

Building and Testing

Don't forget to clone using --recurse-submodules or if you've already cloned git submodule update --init --recursive to get the dependencies.

mythril should be built and tested using the provided docker image adamschwalm/hypervisor-build. There are convenience make rules for using this image. For example, to build the multiboot application, run:

make docker-all

This will create the hypervisor in mythril/target/mythril_target/release/mythril. It will also compile the patched versions for seabios and the linux kernel that are currently required to use mythril. Unittests can be executed like:

make docker-test

Running the Hypervisor

After running the build steps as described above, the hypervisor can be executed with:

make docker-qemu

Note that this has only been tested on relatively recent versions of QEMU (v4.1.0+). Older versions may contain bugs that could cause issues running the image.


To debug mythril, run BUILD_TYPE=debug make qemu-debug. This will build a debug version of the hypervisor then start start QEMU in a paused state. You can then run gdb mythril/target/mythril_target/debug/mythril to launch gdb with the debug info from the application. You can attach to the qemu instance with target remote :1234. Note that debugging the hypervisor is generally not supported under docker.

Because the virtualization is hardware accelerated, remember to use hbreak instead of break in gdb. For example, to put a breakpoint at the start of kmain and start mythril, run:

(gdb) target remote :1234
Remote debugging using localhost:1234
0x000000000000fff0 in ?? ()
(gdb) hbreak kmain
Hardware assisted breakpoint 1 at 0x110d54: file mythril_multiboot2/src/, line 151.
(gdb) continue

Breakpoint 1, kmain (multiboot_info_addr=10993664) at mythril_multiboot2/src/
151	   unsafe { interrupt::idt::init() };

You can then use step and other debugging functions as usual.