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BugGuardian 2

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Easily track you exceptions on Azure DevOps and TFS

BugGuardian is a library, written in C# and targeting the .Net Standard 1.1, that allows to easily create a Bug or a Task work item on your Azure DevOps account or on your on-premises Azure DevOps Server or Team Foundation Server 2015+ when your application throws an Unhandled Exception. It can also be invoked manually in try/catch blocks to keep track of handled exceptions.

It supports projects with .Net Framework 4.5 and above. It supports also UWP apps (Windows 10), .Net Core and Xamarin.

If you need to target projects that use the .Net Framework 4.0, you have to install the version 1.3 of the library


The BugGuardian library is available on NuGet. Just search BugGuardian in the Package Manager GUI or run the following command in the Package Manager Console:

Install-Package DBTek.BugGuardian

WARNING: If you are experiencing an error like "BugGuardian already has a dependency defined for XXX", update your NuGet client to the latest version


Refer to the project documentation to find examples about how to use this library. You can also find some code samples in the TestApps folder.

WARNING: From Dec 9, 2019 Azure DevOps does not support "Alternate Credentials" anymore. Please be sure to use a "Personal Access Token" instead (more info:

Other Versions

BugGuardian Middleware for Asp.Net Core:
BugGuardian Extension for Asp.Net MVC:
BugGuardian Extension for Asp.Net WebForms:


If you encounter some issues trying this library, please let me know through the Issues page and I'll fix the problem as soon as possible!