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Support for multiple SMTP servers in ActionMailer
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Latest commit cb66592 Jeff Jolma a few fixes:
1. rescue any Exception (e.g. TimeoutException) when trying the
   primary mailer
2. if no :retry is passed in to with_settings then use :default.  This
   requires less typing for an app with many call sites
3. fix tests

Note: tests require mocha



Multiple SMTP servers for ActionMailer.


  ProjectMailer.with_settings(:internal) do |mailer|

You can also specify servers to use in the event that the initially specified
server fails:

  ProjectMailer.with_settings(:internal, :retry => [:backup, :default]) do |mailer|


Create a YAML file in your config directory named "mail_servers.yml" Put
your mail settings in there like so (see mail_servers.yaml in this plugin's 
test directory for a better example):

  |  address:
  |  port: 25
  |  domain:
  |  user_name: test_user
  |  password: test_password
  |  address:
  |  port: 25
  |  domain:
  |  user_name: test_user
  |  password: test_password
The plugin will look for a server named "default" to use by default. Make sure
it exists.

ActionMailer::Base (and all of its subclasses, ie, your mailers) will use this
server by default.


* Per-mailer settings (non-global)
* ActionMailer::Base#with_settings shouldn't modify SMTP settings for other
  mailers besides the one that called it.

Copyright (c) 2008 Animoto Productions, released under the MIT license
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