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Let's you perform domain/IP information gathering... in BASH! Wasn't it esr who said "With enough eyeballs, all your IP info are belong to us?"
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What is is a BASH script that scans domains and IP addresses for relevant information. It is useful for information gathering during penetration testing, and it utilizes APIs so as to keep your identity safe.

This script is a BASH adaptation of ReconDog.

Downloading and Using

Simply clone this repo or obtain a copy of and execute the file ($ bash Likewise, you can chmod +x and mv eyes, then move this file to somewhere in your PATH, and simply execute eyes.

LICENSE is proudly licensed under the GNU GPL v2. For more information on Free/Libre, Open Source Software, please read Wikipedia.

Written by Noah Altunian (


This project has a sister project, called eyes, and is written in Golang. It is being built using a native API, as opposed to using third-party RESTful service(s). You can find it at GitHub.

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